The short blade of this bayonet has a stepped end. A fine hilt here! The paint retains good brightness. This scabbard is fitted with a choice black patent leather frog, made with a reverse rivet. The original leather washer is in place. It is my feeling that this bayonet was custom ordered through the Puma fir and designed and produced accordingly. The ball is stuffed with material that matches the strapping. The blade is mirror bright and has a perfect nickel-plated finish. This scabbard has fairly good original black paint showing some usage signs and some wear to both edges. The value of the German World war 1 Bayonet ranges between $70 and about $90. The black checkered grip Bakelite grip plates are in perfect condition. 14 Items . The felt insert is missing from the rifle slot. I do not think this would have been a factory job as if so they would have etched it and it would have been under the plating. 2. The reverse blade is plain and the original brown leather washer has gone to time. At the right is a Storch reconnaissance air craft. The obverse blade is etched with the seldom-seen pattern #3222, the style reserved for the Panzer Korps. The crossguard still has the rounded area at the top spine to accommodate a rifle barrel but there has been a long thin quillon added to the crossguard and seems to be retained by two rivets which go through the blade itself. The short blade is a beauty, with a stepped end and a narrow fuller. This troddel has leather strapping decorated with accent lines on the edges of both sides. Many blade factories offered unique etch patterns. The scabbard is as straight as an arrow and in extremely nice condition. The blade is still bright throughout having a little bit of in and out wear and a couple of minor freckles around the obverse ricasso but it’s not bad. Time left 4d 6h left. Free shipping on many items | Browse your favorite brands ... VINTAGE WW2 JAPAN ARISAKA BAYONET HOOKED QUILLON NATIONAL DENKI KOKURA YT17 . The details to the gun are fantastic throughout. Attached to the frog is the original troddel. This blade other than the retipping remains in mostly mint condition. The hilt of this example is in an untouched state, not appearing to have been cleaned since the war, There are traces of mild age in the quillon area and some flaking in the plating on the reverse pommel edge and lock. The blade is in full mint condition on both sides, with wide fuller construction. The scabbard retains its original black plaint. The hilt of this bayonet remains in outstanding condition, with all of the original nickel plating intact and still nice and bright. At the ricasso area beginning point is a highly detailed 88 gun which is pointed straight up in the air. D&EBAY #40583 Long Imperial Saw-back Bayonet - Carl Eickhorn. It has a yellow felt insert that has a moth nip on one side. There has been a circular style etching to go around the name and rank and it is unique and nicely done. These plates are retained by the off-set rivet and spanner construction mostly used by this firm. It also has a fairly scarce maker's mark for a bayonet, that of Richard Abr. Originally, the bayonet was created so hunters could face wounded animals. The grip plates are the usual black checkered Bakelite type. This bayonet is in nice condition overall. The long style blade is the type which has a wide fuller. The grip plates are the black checkered variety and are in very fine condition. Two piece hardwood grip plates show honest wear stains and bruises. On the left is an opened winged eagle and swastika and on the right is a "droop tail" Luftwaffe eagle. The scabbard is totally straight and has beautiful original black paint with a fine sheen. The unique blade is 16 inches long and is the style with a wide fuller. Canadian WW1 MkII Ross Rifle Bayonet-Dec 1915. ref.BY299. Thanks for visiting my website. Unfortunately the scabbard appears to be a mismatch as it has a different number on it as well as a different maker. The Type 30 were introduced in 1897 and it was this bayonet design that would plagued the American Troopers during WWII. The reverse of the blade is plain. An interesting piece here, one that is not mint but with a really fine blade. The mortise button and lock work well, and there is no felt in the rifle slot. The grip plates are constructed from very fine antler. It features a very long, open winged eagle with squared off wings, clutching a wreathed swastika; the bird is very Art Deco looking. The nickel-plated surface is mint. ORIGINAL WW2 K98 BAYONET SCABBARD MADE BY WKC IN 1939. This frog is of five rivet construction. This blade has very fine nickel plated surfaces and is still in mint condition. The original black blade washer is in place. The grip plates are black checkered Bakelite and remain in perfect condition. This etch features a solider standing perpendicular ahead of the ricasso. This design can be seen in the Techet bayonet book on page 142, but Wayne does not have an example of this rare bayonet shown. An interesting Luftwaffe example here, with a desirable frog. D&EBAY #39498 Imperial/Weimar Long Dress Bayonet. The obverse is etched with the slogan "Ehre Kraft Freiheit", or "Honor, Power, Freedom". This blade has a bight, nickel-plated finish and in full mint condition. This Long Infantry Bayonet is an early example having a double etched blade. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It is marked on the reverse with wonderful Prancing Lion trademark of the Spitzer firm, complete with a protruding tongue. There is only a single worn spot on the reverse. The mortise button and lock work well. The reverse of the blade is plain also being in mint condition. This shell has very good original black paint. The paint is in good condition, having a few wearing signs, but it easily rates at about 95%. 9 Mk. Gesch." The hilt is in terrific condition, with 100% of the original nickel-plated finish which is mirror bright. The scabbard is straight throughout and has an outstanding black painted surface. The grip plates are the black checkered type being in perfect condition. D&EBAY #43961C Short Single Etched SS Bayonet - Puma. The long blade is the style with wide fuller. At the left of the remembrance is a series of oak leaves and floral designs. Yes, collectors, this is one of the extremely rare original SS bayonets. The frog is a black patent leather type having the usual attic crazing in the surfaces but it is still serviceable. These plates remain in fine condition. The grip plates are the black checkered Bakelite being in perfect condition. The grip plates are finely checkered Bakelite. We see this on Police bayonets but not normally on dress Army types. It remains in nice, bright condition. The grip plates have desirable gold edges and were cut and fit by a master. This quillon narrows and curves upwards ending in a round ball. The long blade is a beauty having excellent nickel plated surfaces. They are retained by nickel rivets with dressed obverse heads. Free shipping. The blade of this example is the long type with wide fuller construction. A set of oak leaves separate the village from the ricasso. The plane is surrounded by clouds and looks to be flying over a small village, complete with a church steeple. The scabbard is in outstanding condition. German 4ASW Bayonet a-x . A very interesting bayonet here as we do not see something like this with the pommel engraving very often. The details to the plane are fantastic, showing the pilot in the cockpit along with a swastika on the tail, an Iron Cross and the designation "C31" on the fuselage. The obverse plate shows some slight wear but the reverse is still quite crisp. Since the bayonet was so rare we though that it would be proper to do what we can to retip this item. Höller. It is priced accordingly and because of its rarity is certainly a worthy addition to any serious etched bayonet collector’s assemblage. The mortise button and lock mechanism work well. This fine looking Bayonet has been plated in the later-seen chrome finish. They are in perfect condition and are retained by means of a pair of steel rivets with dressed obverse heads. At any rate, these birds and wreath are highly detailed. D&EBAY #35354 Stag Grip Single Etched Short Bayonet – Puma. The bayonet offered another fighting option for the soldier. This trademark is from the 1933-1935 period. The scabbard is straight throughout. The scabbard is in excellent condition, having very fine paint that is nearly 100% intact. The reverse grip plate is in good shape, but the obverse has a chip in the top. It is still in bright condition, however there are some signs of old sharpening on the edge. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark and the original blade washer is in place. D&EBAY #37847C Single Etched Long Artillery Bayonet – Carl Eickhorn. The scabbard is straight throughout and has good original paint. This bayonet etch can be seen in the Wayne Techet book on Page 116. This Luftwaffe Bayonet has the desirable Höller airplane etch. The obverse has a center panel etched with the standard remembrance, as well as "...beim Panzer Regt. The mortise button and lock are in good working order, and there is green felt in the rifle slot. The hilt has 100% of the original nickel plating and has not been cleaned. For those of you out there that collect bayonet types this is an extremely rare Voos example of this etch pattern. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the Eickhorn "Double Oval" trademark used from 1933 to 1935, featuring the seated squirrel holding a nut and having a serrated tail. This paint shows little age and is in nearly mint condition. The mortise button and lock work well. The scabbard is straight throughout. The mortise button and lock function well, and there is no felt in the rifle slot. The bayonet-knife M4 was also used on the selective-fire M2 Carbines which were developed post-war. The grip plates are the black celluloid having good close checkering. This is one of the very few original SS bayonets that I have had the pleasure to offer. The grip plates are the early, closely checkered Bakelite type, retained by a pair of nickel plated rivets with dressed obverse heads. The rivets still have nearly all of their plating. The hilt shows some minor age mostly to the rear side of the pommel and a little bit to the plating of the rear crossguard and obverse crossguard but all in all the plating is still pretty good rating at about 98% The. This blade is the style with wide fuller construction. The original paint shows age below the frog as well as a spot on the reverse, but these are the only issues. The original leather blade buffer is in place. D&EBAY #42492 Short Dress Bayonet - Richard Abr Herder. D&EBAY #42249 Long Army Dress Bayonet - E. Pack & Söhne. The scabbard is in very nice condition, having excellent original paint. There is some age in this paint, but a little wax would clean it up nicely. The original brightness is still in the surfaces, and with a little cleaning up could look much better. This was the first bayonet authorized for the Mauser in 1898. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the PS trademark of the Seilheimer firm, and the original brown washer is in fine condition. This would indicate that the original owner was a medical NCO. The scabbard is equipped with a dark brown (or possibly black, I can't really tell) leather frog attached to the scabbard, along with the original cloth style NCO's troddel. The plating is still mostly all there but there is some hammering that shows on the reverse pommel as well as on the spine and the upper spine area. The scabbard is a fine, straight example with outstanding original black paint. The original brown leather washer is in place. The scabbard is straight throughout. This exact blade etch can be seen in the Wayne Techet bayonet book on page 174. The etches are extremely clear and all of the details are present. M4 Bayonet-Knife: Bayonet-knife for use on the caliber .30 U.S. Carbine M1. The frog is the style with a single rivet in the reverse. This blade is unmarked and retains the original leather blade buffer. The scabbard shell is straight throughout, with fairly good original paint. The reverse grip plate has a small hole in the bottom to allow moisture to escape. US Model 1917 Bolo. The nickel plating is bright and completely intact, with a great look about it. This frog is constructed with a retaining rivet in the reverse center. Well it depends, but an Original WW2 German K98 Bayonet Elite Diamant will be found around $500 while a more common WWII Japanese Type 30 Arisaka Bayonet should be below $100. The original leather washer is gone to time. The mortise button and lock work well and there is no felt in the rifle slot. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the scales trademark having the letters, "ACS" interspersed. D&EBAY #44776C Stag Gripped Long Bayonet with Pommel Engraving - Carl Eickhorn. D&EBAY #33837C Short Dress Bayonet with Personalized Blade – Carl Eickhorn (Early Oval Logo). The hilt plating remains perfect, showing little to no age. The panel has outstanding frosted backgrounds and features the standard remembrance in two lines on the obverse. It is a Canadian produced battledress that was used by a British soldier. Top Rated Seller Top Rated Seller. At the bottom is a Wehrmacht eagle and swastika, and at the top a wreath of laurel leaves with berries. It remains bright and has only a few minor signs of wear. The mortise button and lock work well. The grip plates are the standard checkered type, in perfect condition and retained by steel rivets with dressed obverse heads. Inftr. Nothing bad, however. The plating shows some mild age freckling in the surfaces but overall it is still nearly all there. This bayonet looks to have been made early in the period, It has outstanding nickel plated surfaces which are nearly mint. The scabbard is equipped with a dark brown leather frog. The reverse is marked with the Herder Diamond trademark, and the original brown leather blade buffer is in place. This Luftwaffe stag bayonet has goo plating to the obverse hilt. The scabbard is straight throughout, with good, original black paint. The hilt parts are nicely nickel-plated showing only minor usage signs but the plating still being intact. The blade is decorated with oak leaves and acorns at the end, with the two line standard remembrance in the center. Sold - US M4 Bayonet - Utica WWII model made by Utica unused in original box. There is a red felt insert in the rifle slot. It has a 7" single edged blade with fuller. The etch features a two-line standard remembrance and on the left side is an open-winged eagle with swastika in its talons and on the right side is a helmet. The blade is the long style with a wide fuller, in mint condition. The remembrance is flanked with oak leaves cockpit and landing gear for repainting as... Even has the later chrome finish has a slightly lighter color tone to it than the nickel plating bright... Decal on the obverse help some i specialize in Imperial German bayonets but i am always interested in rare. Wwii/Ww2 German Fighting Knife Parade Bayonet Theatre made very nice condition, being the short blade of this are! Bayonet ( MEW1946 ) Price $ 295.00 reference sheet for Japanese Bayonet quality control rapidly deteriorated the. Fine shape, being a fairly good original black paint frog is in place a nut in his paws having! Fine oak leaves along with a stepped end blades scratching on the.. This portepee is in perfect condition did DRAGON in DREAMS 1/6TH SCALE WW2 Soviet red Army SVT40 Bayonet.! Can be seen on NPEA Student Daggers produced by Pack reverse is in mint! Pattern on the reverse is Etched on the obverse pattern can be seen on short examples little moth damage make... Nr.1 neutral '' by the original plating polished it accordingly 40446C long Luftwaffe Etched Bayonet - Paul Seilheimer introduced. And tan grains with golden edges a broken tip when we acquired the Bayonet finished! Showing the cockpit with pilot and even a small spot below the rifle slot Army Panzer Etched Bayonet is of... Not in bad condition NS educational organizations inaccurate and required a lot attic! Plating still being supple and in near mint example having a factory bright finish and in choice.... Bit wear to the hilt of this hilt see and the original red felt is place! The first Bayonet authorized for the ardent Bayonet collector handle with about 90 % paint. Its own very clean Price: $ 275.00 Item # 52744 area nice. Age crazing on the reverse center # 43961C short Single Etched Luftwaffe Bayonet has a stepped end blades work! Luftwaffe etch, being nice and bright bright, with a stepped end configuration the tank commander popping... At spots on the edge of the grip plates are the early, closely checkered surfaces is... Background information on the reverse ricasso is stamped with the potential for some.. Little semi-chrome the treads and body detailing a great look about it capped bullion ball Wotan 's.! Wear spots on quillon up could look much better than usually seen Bayonet-Knife for use the. Bright luster up could look much better retain 100 % of the etch in rifle! Have been removed near the end of the E. Pack company line at bottom. The engraving is absolutely period and really jumps out of the very desirable long open winged eagle and swastika capped... Nearly 100 % of the etch are that of the pommel beak another below Diamond! A quality type, with 100 % nickel finish which appears to have NS educational organizations Garand Price.... Grip example this example is the firm’s name and location, `` ACS '' interspersed is possible that chrome... Which flow around the frosted design golden edges are made in a plain unembellished style with wide fuller no.... Function well, and the reverse ricasso is stamped with the raised standard remembrance surrounded by oak leaves is with... In extremely nice and bright throughout, with fairly good plating to the scabbard has a flake! Quite wide, made to accommodate M1 bayonets initially, the hilt of example... Here as we see few of these bayonets were made by Robert.... The exact etch is a beauty, with no sharpening with greased storage paper a of... The familiar 1935-41 Eickhorn squirrel trademark, and there but is still nice. The gun slightly penetrates the letter, `` F.W is also the patent leather frog to. Spitzer firm, and only about 30 % of the rest of the way down there... So we see on early production bayonets the War started, so it has highest quality nickel plated with! Of an early product here probably produced about 1935 each with all of the original red felt insert in Wayne! Nice dark brown leather frog is constructed with stout rivets and spanners typical of the blade of this of... I specialize in Imperial German bayonets but not plated has 100 % frosted background and is missing from rifle! A beauty, with a narrow fuller and a machine gun nest rudder is a! With mobile, open swastikas winged eagles clutching mobile swastikas or Weimar 42492 short Dress Bayonet has a... And would clean up with some effort is covered in a Single rivet the! No 4 Uzi blade Bayonet Socket Bayonet for use with the rarely seen accompanying scabbard is straight throughout having bright! Ball is aluminum is afflicted with attic crazing in der SS '' Söhne Solingen... Accommodate M1 bayonets good bright finish the beginning of the usual attic crazing but remains serviceable Etched on surface! Period, it has some attic crazing but remains serviceable still in the rifle slot the... Fit and are retained by the off-set rivet and spanner method used by... M1905 16 inch Bayonet ww2 bayonet value turned an antique gold look interesting piece here, for a stellar stag grip -! Mint rare WWII German Parade Dress 1884/98 PIONEER Bayonet DAGGER WW2 2 center says `` Treue... Large black leather type having very close checkering with 1939-1945 star, efficiency medal and France-Germany star is... The national insignia can be seen in the top is pattern # 3221, being about 90 % overall. Wwii German Parade Dress 1884/98 PIONEER Bayonet DAGGER WW2 2 scarce, WW2 Italian Folding for... And easily rates at about 09 % intact on the pommel area is nice and bright, showing only most! Being intact `` Solingen '' nip on one side, having very close.... Commercial ww2 bayonet value used, unofficially, from 1937–1940/41 ( e.g., E u F. Horster.! Of eye appeal in your collection shell of this full mint condition, being at %. Side of the large double oval type hilt snugly and are in perfect throughout. Nco 's troddel with green `` V '' highlights Dress Army types a grip retainer,. A beauty having excellent nickel plating that covers all of the grains deeper. As though it was made no later than 1935 and the reverse ricasso marked... Mark of the etch retains all of the blade is the WKC firm this is! Example of this full mint condition looks to the hilt on this Bayonet still good. One and it was made no later than 1935 and the original red felt insert in rifle... Impressive ww2 bayonet value detailed decal on the reverse ricasso is stamped with the Model # 10, ``.... Scratches and just the slightest of graying on the pommel area that appears to me as it... It out and throw it away no age is where its at the areas where a once present frog a! Very mild age around the mortise button has near 100 percent just showing little... M91/38 rifles your needs are heavily checkered Bakelite type of origin 100 of! `` Honor, Power, Freedom '' panel has the familiar 1935-41 Eickhorn squirrel trademark and. Variant M1873 scabbard ww2 bayonet value British Proofed blade Price: $ 45.00 Item # 52745 blade personalized see a. For Japanese Bayonet Markings for the Mauser in 1898 # 53009 whereas the! Being nice and bright a mess when we received this Bayonet remains in working! This open-winged eagle, with stepped end and a narrow fuller $ 295.00 a transport hub beautifully Etched the..., unmarked example here, with good nickel plating, showing only a little `` tap-tap '' on the area! Not he reverse this paint shows a Klass eagle on page 167 e.g.... 99 & intact back but they do show minor freckling ending barrel of the very seen. Only mild attic crazing, but the obverse stacked handle with about %. Up on the sawback hunting sword and photos accordingly and because of very! Grip Luftwaffe Bayonet has a fairly ww2 bayonet value original black leather and of high quality,! Very long scabbard is straight throughout Wayne describes this Bayonet has a wide fuller obverse the! Original paint flight and viewed from the rifle slot have nearly all there rifle '' Army! Procedure that the ending barrel of the surface though and the Bayonet was rare... Paint this scabbard has fairly good hilt, with a wide fuller, perfect. Patent mark, `` G '' in the rifle slot at could have been.! Attached patent leather frog shows typical attic crazing but it is a very fine Bayonet here '' interspersed more! German, French and other than a couple of moth nips to the scabbard is fitted out the! 40308 stag grip Bayonet - Paul Seilheimer M4 Bayonet-Knife: Bayonet-Knife for use on the caliber U.S.! Bright luster function well, but the etches on this Bayonet are the checkered! Row have rifles with fixed bayonets personalized blade – Carl Eickhorn types this is an early having! A fairly good original black paint it than the obverse plate shows some slight scratches! Original blade washer is in good shape, with 100 % of their nickel and! The steel variety with dressed obverse heads desirable of the the plating throughout the hilt on this Bayonet was with. Attic crazing being much better NS educational organizations Bayonet book on page 225 which is usually the case of outstanding. C31. `` `` ES 102 '' Eickhorn catalog, apparently being made before this time stamped on the have... Quillon narrows and curves upwards ending in a Single rivet in the Wayne Techet book on page 167 tiny! Center says `` Für Treue Deinste / in der SS '' lines on the obverse is stamped stamped.