But since my soil drains fast (as I imagine yours does), this would be hard to achieve. That is why illegal Lamb Hass avocado plant grafts are proliferating in southern Spain. Thank you so so much. My concern is choosing the variety, which is stressful. Great flesh color and holds color longer after cutting than a Fuerte or Hass. Now I know I need to leave them for a long while. With a pear shape and its approximate weight is 280 - 320 grams. By the way, at Subtropica Nursery in Fallbrook, trees are sold in 3.5 gallon plastic sleeves and they are far lighter and easier to plant than five-gallon containers. It has a very dark, almost black skin that only gets darker as it ripens. They have a pear or oval shape, distinguished from hass avocados by their flat, squared shoulders. There were probably at least 6 fatalities to get to this point. (See a summary of the trial results here.). So maybe the tree sets 100 avocados but drops 20 before the summer. Thanks very much for your reply Greg. I’m so glad you didn’t throw away that Lamb fruit too! Your climate might be too cold for this plant: Water regularly - weekly, or more often in extreme heat or containers. James- I made the mistake years ago “If a little is good , more is better”. Then let the others hang until they taste really good in late summer. It’s heartening to know that your avocado knowledge reaches even beyond California borders. If you plant one of these varieties as a 3.5 or five-gallon tree today and care for it well (not necessarily superbly), you should expect to eat at least some fruit from it in three years, four at the most, and possibly two. Nabal. Could have been a heat or drought consequence. We’ve got all the rain we could ask for, and the summer just can’t be as nasty as last summer (right?!). Apply a slow-release fertilizer in spring after flowering. Introduction: The following is a description of an attempt to grow avocados organically, without irrigation, pesticides or fertilizers. Hi Greg. On the tree, the Lamb fruit has green skin until it’s mature, usually around May, when the skin turns black. I don’t have any Lambs on the VC/Israel West Indian rootstocks, but I do have a few young trees of other varieties on a few of them and they are doing well so far in our California conditions. That would be my first guess. I was thinking about a Haas or Lamb Haas as a possibility? Hi Greg, Thanks for the reply. Lamb would not be a good companion for Holiday or Reed, however, as the harvest seasons are too similar. With Hass, he girdles and controls alternate bearing, but he finds that Lamb isn’t vigorous enough to handle girdling. For the best experience on our site, be sure to turn on Javascript in your browser. 1926 wurde sie in Kalifornien aus einem in Guatemala gezüchteten Samen gezüchtet. Last year it set 2 fruit and I was wondering when to pick them and now I know thanks to your article. Can you be sure that rootstock has not grown up and is now producing this watery and tasteless fruit? Sure enough, as soon as I read this, my little Lamb that I had bought last year as a 5 gallon tree dropped its one and only fruit a week ago. Your climate may be too cold for this plant, SIGN-UP FOR DESIGN INSPIRATION AND UPDATES ON NEW PLANTS, 817 E. MONROVIA PLACEAZUSA, CALIFORNIA 91702-1385, LEGACY OUR STORY NURSERY LOCATIONS SUSTAINABILITY PRESS CAREERS INTERNSHIPS, FIND A MONROVIA PROFESSIONAL BECOME A MONROVIA PRO, CONTACT US FAQs RETURN POLICY SHIPPING INFO HOW TO ORDER ONLINE. Lamb Hass avocadoes are larger than the common hass variety, weighing anywhere from 10-18 ounces. Only time will tell whether the venture is foolish. I drilled holes around the bottom for drainage. I’ve got an old post about the heat tolerance of avocado varieties here: https://gregalder.com/yardposts/heat-tolerance-of-avocado-varieties/. They also about the same amount of Reeds there. I use a spoon to scoop out my Lamb avocados. An easy way to tell when Lamb fruit is ready to pick is by skin color: if it’s black it’s ready. It is larger and rounder of the avocado varieties. Avocado Hass - 15 Gal $299.99 $149.00. if you have a carmen, i would love to hear what you have experienced with it in the future. Lamb could also serve as a companion tree to Hass. Maybe not as rich and buttery as it should taste in the summertime, but definitely glad I didn’t throw it away after it fell off the tree. I grew a Hass from seed and grafted from my existing Hass. Check my post about planting an avocado tree and test your drainage and consider building a mound for yours: “How to plant and stake an avocado tree.”. I just purchased at 5 gallon Lamb (3 feet tall) from Ricardo’s Nursery in Long Beach, CA this week. Another unfortunate aspect to Lamb’s later harvest season is related to its juvenile habit of shedding fruit as the weather warms in spring. None have gone dark – all still green – and they take about 10 days to ripen after harvest, but the fruit ripen just fine and are really flavorful. Also, with the smaller tree that has drooping leaves in the back. So now will just have to be patient for another 6 months or so I guess. Next chance, add some of the coarser stuff. The seed for Lamb was planted on the ranch of Bob Lamb in Camarillo, hence the name. What I’m wondering… Most of the fruits sit on the ground. It grew into a nice plant. Already have a Bacon and Stewart. Hi, our lamb tree is about 25 years old. On the down side, my Lamb can’t take the heat. Select from six avocado varieties: Hass, Bacon, Sharwil, Wurst, Pinkerton and Lamb Hass. We live on Kauai, Hawaii. Could be coincidence since this is the time of year (assuming you’re in California) when leaf burn appears anyway. ? Italian Cypress - 15 Gallon $149.99 $69.00. You may have sold me on the Lamb Hass with this article. Not sure if I want to let them hold any fruit though. The flesh of the Lamb's Hass avocado is a pale green colour with a creamier consistency than its more common Hass relative. Also that area would be easier to control the water on the tree because I have a lawn with sprikles in my back yard. Thank you for creating this website and the information you share. Skip to the beginning of the images gallery. I’ve been watching Gary Matsuoka of Laguna Hills nursery on planting avocado, subtropical and tropical fruit tree. Reed-Avocados gibt es im Sommer und Frühherbst. If I prune off too many of those lower branches – any branches that are in the bottom 12″, might that cause next summer’s heat in SoCal to put too much heat on the shallow roots? I have 1 acre for planting. Thank you so much. You said that by keeping your trees trimmed, you can manage to have even some of the bigger varieties in a relatively small yard. Lamb Hass; Bacon; Pinkerton; Brogdon; How to Plant Avocado Growing Zones. Availability. Average pit except those fertilized by my Mexicola Grande have large seeds, and tastes better than a Hass. Hi Greg, thanks a lot for this week’s post. The fruit looks great but is watery and tasteless. While true that both trees are A-flower types, and therefore don’t offer maximum cross-pollination opportunities, I wouldn’t pay that any mind. I’ve never known an avocado tree to produce significantly different fruit as it ages. Right now I’ve got a tiny sir prize, a bushy but small edranol, a leafless Charlie Brown Christmas tree nabal, and a 5 foot tall lamb hass. I’m wondering if, given my comments, you might suggest a good approach for us? Do those low branches help protect the roots from too much heat? Bergh chose to patent the Lamb seedling for many reasons, one of which was the tree’s slender, upright growing shape. Broadcast: Sat 30 Mar 2013, 1:00am Published: Sat 30 Mar 2013, 1:00am Avocado HASS Nature Tasty Avocado Lamb HASS Nature Tasty . I plan to plant it in the back corner of my yard that is surrounded by a block wall. Those are great questions. These critters are very clever, they will take a bite of each fruit and leave them hang and will come back later to harvest them. The most common varieties in Australia are: Type A – Gwen, Hass, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Reed, Rincon, Secondo and Wurtz. The flesh is a pale green colour with a creamier consistency than the more common Hass and it has a slightly nutty and creamy taste. Avocado type number 1: Hass Avos (Regular, Maluma and Lamb) All Hass avos can be traced back to California, where they were first grown by a certain mail delivery man, Rudolph Hass, who dabbled in horticulture on the side. https://www.instagram.com/p/B_0Zq3bACC9/. But the color of the flesh is optimal, with a rich yellow in the center fading to green toward the peel. I’m sorry that I’ve never been to Botswana and so I don’t know the place firsthand, but I have been near you in Mozambique and South Africa, and I lived in Lesotho for a few years. I live in Melbourne, Australia, where we can grow cool climate Avocado varieties. I’m looking to plant an avocado tree in my back “small” yard in Norwalk. In addition, Lamb has the habit of producing much of its fruit in clusters. More about Avocado Lamb HASS . See more in my post, “Dealing with squirrels in a food garden.”, hello Greg! There are many possibilities. I’m guessing your Lambs will easily hang until the end of the year and still not taste overmature. The worst thing you can do is putting compost in the soil. I am trying it on west Indian rootstocks from the Israeli selection. What luck you’ve had! Lamb avocados need to grow for a year to a year and a half before they’re ready for harvest. I’ll plan a similar profile of Carmen. Is this normal for a young Lamb Hass? No matter when you prune, you sacrifice fruit. About 20 fruit of semi-decent size on it currently. I planted a reed/hass seed 6 years ago and this is the 2nd year I’ve been harvesting what looks like a Lamb Hass. (See my posts “Can I grow an avocado tree in a small yard?” and “What is the best kind of avocado to grow?”). Provide unamended, well-drained soil, and a wind and frost-sheltered site. Auf der Marroquino-Farm haben wir zwei Avocadosorten: Hass und Lamb Hass. You could probably graft onto your Lamb now or soon without cutting it back much or at all. “Avocado varieties for year-round harvest,”, https://gregalder.com/yardposts/heat-tolerance-of-avocado-varieties/, “Dealing with squirrels in a food garden.”, “Avocado varieties for year-round harvest.”, http://www.gthomson.us/projects/trees/lambhass/avo3-may2020.jpg, Beware of rootstock suckers on citrus trees, Southern California food gardening calendar for 2021, Using the evapotranspiration rate to water your garden better, Starting a vegetable garden in Southern California. My lamb hass (3-4 ft) for some reasons like to stay small, not just 1 but all 3. (See my post, “Avocado leaves turning brown? Thanks for the post. it has a very dark, almost black skin that only gets darker as it ripens. It hasn’t done much. As for avocados in particular, they do grow well in sandy soil. I have just purchased a 1 year old Lamb Hass tree to plant in my garden in a raised garden bed (like my other trees). It’s unlike most other avocado varieties. I live in L.A. and have planted one Haas avocado tree. Just want to say I love your site and thank you for sharing all this great information. Add chips to the top of the soil and let them slowly rot. I planted it outside and it took off. But I make no hard conclusions based on my single trees in a single location. If you were to pick a Lamb in August, you’d likely find that the cut surface was not so shiny, and then the taste would be thicker and richer. In an older trial in San Diego County where the trees were planted at high density and pruned to eight feet tall each year, Hass also outproduced Lamb. Whichever you can find in your desired five-gallon size will serve you far better than the Holiday trees, I promise. The symmetrical … I planted a 5 gallon Lamb/Hass about 4 years ago. Lamb also has naturally drooping branches as you described. They have wiped out most of my Hass, vey disheartening. For a home grower, Lamb can work out fine with this dropping habit. The pebbly skin is very dark green, even when under-ripe, and it will continue to darken to almost black as it … Choosing plants that grow and thrive in your particular climate is the very first step toward having a beautiful garden . I’ve been watering every third day during the current hot weather with about 20 gallons per tree. They are both mature trees that have been historically underwatered. Both trees had similarly sized fruit and were irrigated the same. Is it possible to have avocados during all months of the year in the Mediterranean climate ? Variedades de Mango Nature Tasty. This can’t be counted on for a single tree in a backyard, however. Seemed like all was great until I took it our of the small container and put it in a 20 container. But our heat is dry heat. Keep your eye out for this. Available Grafted LAMB HASS Avocado Variety, one of the best avocado variety. My suspicion for my difficulties is that I’ve got some pretty dense plantings going on over here and they’re all robbing each other and the avocados are the ones suffering, however, I persist and am hopeful that I will have some avocados in 18 months from one of the trees. If you haven’t seen it, you might enjoy reading my post on avocados and heat, “Protecting avocados from heat.”, Thank you for the profile on Lamb. The tree was planted from a five-gallon container. I’ve got a mango tree that’s grown more than any avocado I’ve got here and for that matter my coffee tree is almost taller than the lh tree and they’re planted close to each other so have the same growing conditions. In fact, in the Lamb patent it is claimed that Lamb consistently yields 50% more than Hass. Lamb trees can easily be planted only eight or ten feet from another tree. In a hot place like Corona, or where I live in Ramona, I’d try to leave an avocado tree’s skirt down to the ground. The tree is upright and compact. In fact, I found this article while doing some research on them, since I was in the market for another avo. Thanks in advance for your time and valuable insight. A handful of precocious and productive varieties that also taste excellent are: Pinkerton, Hass, Carmen, Gwen, GEM, Lamb. Compared to Lamb and GEM, Hass simply grows more. Required fields are marked *. It’s never recovered, but it’s still there limping along. Hi Greg, great article with lots of very useful information. The flesh has a creamier texture than the Hass with a nutty taste. In comparison, Lamb hangs a couple months longer than Hass in my yard, and even longer than Reed. That’s when the truth is revealed. The fruit is larger and rounder than a most avocado varieites with very dark to nearly black skin, getting darker as it ripens. Thanks for writing. The texture is firm and without significant strings. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. I am will have Hass, Lamb Hass, Pinkerton, Ettinger and Reed. https://gregalder.com/yardposts/the-lamb-hass-avocado-tree-a-profile This is a hopeful season right now, too, since the trees are starting to bloom. So it can be said that Lamb is a great-grandchild of Hass, a very distant relation. Sun Requirements. Lamb Hass. Maluma. It is similar to the its forebear in appearance and flavor but perhaps a bit broader in the shoulders and larger too. I have clay soil I mean “real clay” super sticky when wet and really hard when dry. That is both irrelevant and easily manipulated. I think it might be a watering issue. They have a pear or oval shape, distinguished from hass avocados by their flat, squared shoulders. We have high chlorides, which some other avocado varieties have trouble with. So I’d guess that if you planted enough varieties, and the right varieties, you could have delicious avocados to pick from your trees in every month of the year. I’ve got about a 6 year old Lamb – went in as 5 gal and fruited the following year. And with avocados, it’s easy to gauge how you’ve watered through the summer once tip burn starts to show in fall, sometimes as early as September. It is one of the many fine avocados produced by the University of California Riverside avocado breeding program and could be called a great-grandchild of the Hass. Your email address will not be published. The main reason for this is that compost continues to break down and this will cause your tree to sink over the years — depending on how much is put in the hole. I am experimenting with Lamb Hass in my pilot avocado orchard in India. Reaches 15-20 ft. tall, 10-15 ft. wide; easily kept smaller with pruning. The only other cultivars with black skin that I’ve been told (by University of California researchers) can withstand more heat than Hass are the protected varieties GEM and Harvest. I have been told that irrigating needs are very high during that time. Avocado trees have shallow root systems. Pinkerton-Avocados bekommst du im Winter und Frühjahr. If I were overwatering it, I’d expect to see some yellowing and drooping of the leaves eventually. So am prepared for that. Here is a link to the patent. I was wondering if you have to deal with Anthracnose Fungus there, being what I suspect is a generally drier climate than I have here? My former coworker used to bring them into the office and they were DELICIOUS. I live in pacific beach in san diego. Thank you! Small to medium size (140-400 gr.). We accidently got the 2″ specialty mulch instead of the coarse mulch from the miramar landfill. Another great post. They still taste bland. Some years ago, we bought a Holiday Avocado for our bank. I planted a one year old Fuerte and a one year old Lamb Hass two years ago, and the difference between them now is amazing. You’re still left with 80 great pieces of fruit. This is a longer maturation time than some other varieties, such as Fuerte or Hass. Bringing you the right avocado at the right time. Lamb Hass is a smaller tree that bears more fruit and it matures later in the season than regular Hass avocados. Medium size. These trees were planted in 2012, and Hass has yielded about 30 percent than Lamb. Water deeply and regularly during first growing season to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Lamb Hass Avocado. Many people, including myself, appreciate Lamb’s slender growth habit because it allows for growing more trees in a given space. The excellent video is an idealaddition to all the information that you have shared. This is to be expected since Fuerte is large-growing and vigorous, while Lamb Hass is semi-dwarf. Thanks for that tip, Paul. Thousands of new, high-quality pictures added every day. I am so impressed with the fruiting, I planted three 15 gal lamb (5-6ft) late Fall 2018. And I’ve read that experiences with Pinkerton in Israel are similar. Compare that to some less productive varieties that only set 50 avocados in the first place. I am constantly battling them. In the patent, Lamb is called ‘Lamb/Hass,’ but these days people often write it ‘Lamb Hass,’ and many shorten it to just ‘Lamb.’. We have a 4ft. Thanks again. Lamb has great hang time, as they say. All avocado varieties need to have their roots in soil with decent drainage so if your yard has puddles for a long time in winter, that’s inauspicious. I’ve been told that Tube Traps also work well. My Lamb Hass is about 6′ high, and while I clipped the tip, it branched off in other ways to grow taller. Contact us. All might improve as the soil dries and warms, and the fact that you have new red leaves is a good sign. The avocado (Persea americana), from the family Lauraceae (Myrtle). A grower in Ventura County told me he is removing all of his Lambs because they alternate too much. Yet, similar to varieties such as Reed or Holiday, it must be left on the tree long after it is up to size in order for the flavor to develop. Related Products. Diese Sorte ist für den Anstieg des weltweiten Avocadokonsums seit den 1960er Jahren verantwortlich. Surprisingly it tasted good! I apologize if this question is in the comments. For pollination and fruit production, plant an A and a B type. We then bought another Holiday, but once again, the drip system failed and it died. I think I may actually get some fruit from my Lamb in 2020. My backyard had a pool filled with concrete and bad soil so I really cant grow anything on the ground. The skin is medium to thick, with rough texture. Which yards and situations would a Lamb tree suit? The size of the seed is medium with an advantage of the pulp of 66-70%. I wouldn’t dig up your soil, nor add beach sand. Does this mean now? That’s just what Lambs do. Lamb Hass avocadoes are larger than the common hass variety, weighing anywhere from 10-18 ounces. The most important consideration is how the fruit eats. It has produced excellent fruit up until a couple of years ago. It looks like Ricardo’s Nursery buys trees grown by La Verne Nursery (grower of avocados, among other kinds). Here’s Ricardo’s website: https://ricardosnursery.com/. Provide unamended, well-drained soil, and a wind and frost-sheltered site. Squirrels are tough. When you cut them open and they look wet, with a shiny surface like that, it indicates that they aren’t totally mature and they haven’t developed the oil content that they will if left to hang on the tree longer. They grow on productive, upright, compact trees, maturing later in the season than their hass relative. I know that avocados grow well in some parts of Portugal, and I know that nearby in the south of Spain many of the same varieties that do well we also have good results with in California (Fuerte, Hass, and others). Other Unique Facts: The Hass variety was first bred in a Southern California backyard in the 1930s. How close from the corner or of the block wall can I plant it? I have only watered the trees twice since the mulch was added and both trees responded well to the mulch. It’s hard to wait for Lambs, but the earliest they will taste good is probably around May. The Lamb is a wonderful avocado, rich and creamy with high oil content and a small pit. There are very few rules in gardening, but perhaps the most important one is to work within your zone. That’s a good thing, right? Diggers members save up to 40% on the non-member price. That’s the right way to think about it, I think. Pre Order now. Sounds like your Lamb harvest is roughly three months later than mine in San Diego county. I will still mound it just in case. I’d love to see them. Lisbon. It sounds like your tree with drooping leaves might be suffering from soil saturation during this wet February. But I have talked to a farmer who grows the variety (in South Africa) and I’ve talked to many people who have seen the trees and eaten the fruit. They taste great and lots of oil. Cant decide between Lamb Hass or Hass. Thanks! I would contact the folks at your local chapter of the California Rare Fruit Growers or post about it at Tropical Fruit Forum. No Retailers found within 50 miles of your zipcode. However, the Hass wasn’t grown and marketed on a large scale until the late 1970s. My oldest lamb is the same age as your in the ground and produces like 40 avocado during harvest time. Saving the Parent Washington Navel orange tree, narrative of the variety’s development as told by Bob Lamb’s son, John, “Avocado leaves turning brown? Finally, you might consider switching your irrigation method to a mini-sprinkler instead of drip. I noticed there were A LOT of comments so decided to go straight to my question. For any management, purchase or information do not hesitate to contact us. I tend to underwater plants rather than overwater them, in general. But personally, I consider the prime Lamb season as June through the end of September in my yard. Gwen was a seedling of Thille, and finally, Thille was a seedling of Hass. But you’ve also noted a good point, which is that the fruit that drops is still often decent tasting — so it’s not a total loss. (believe me they can tell) Any idea on how to deal with this? Die andere … Tree looks good! Our avocados are responsibly sourced from California, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia. This is a great resource. The fruits are larger in size and later maturing than Hass. I’ve seen it work on my own trees, and I’ve heard many other very experienced growers say this as well. I agree that there’s no need to put compost in the planting hole of an avocado tree (or any other tree), and it is a dangerous practice too. Thanks for any guidance you may have to offer. I send my best luck your way. Great to read your message. Today, I finally ordered a small plant from Four Winds Growers. I’m in inland San Diego County, and my Lamb fruits have tasted good as early as May. Do you generally agree with him? The lamb has held on but lost a lot of leaves while the edranol seemed to thrive, at least as compared to the others. I have a good feeling about this year for avocados. Would it be beneficial to dig up the clay soil and add some beach sand to it to help remove the water away from the soil surface? Notify me via e-mail if anyone answers my comment. I am in Australia (Sub Tropical) and have had a Wurtz in the ground for 16 years now – and I usually get 100 – 150 nice sized fruit from it. I have learned so much about avocados from your page and information. Varieties in Australia. Since then, it bloomed, created hundreds of grape size avocados most of which dropped and left 20 or so to grow to full size. And the remaining 7 I’ll watch to see how they do. But since Carmen is just a Hass with a couple quirks, maybe I’ll be able to write it sooner. Apply a thick layer of mulch to conserve moisture, avoiding the trunk. It is dry heat. They recently had a large growth spurt with new foliage and look health, but I’m concerned about appropriate watering. Lamb Hass Semi-Dwarf . And I’ve never even seen one in person. I am intending to start avocado production this year. Do you have an opinion or knowledge of that? You’ll have a young Lamb tree with a crop of twenty avocados, and then in March as the tree begins to flower it also drops fruit. September fruit still taste great from my tree. Designed by Elegant Themes | Powered by WordPress, Click to share on Facebook (Opens in new window), Click to share on Pinterest (Opens in new window). The flesh is a pale green colour and creamier consistency with a slightly a nutty and creamy taste. Undaunted, we’ve tried to find another Holiday (not easy) in the past year to plant. Lamb is, according to the patent, an open-pollinated Gwen seedling, meaning that Gwen was its mother and its father is unknown. I wasn’t sure if it was redundant or superficial or what. What you describe is normal. Hass take a very long time to mature on the tree! Lamb-Hass is a cross between the traditional Hass Avocado and a Gwen (Dwarf) Avocado. The harvest seasons are different enough (Hass being earlier) that the two trees could provide delicious avocados for most months of the year. I share this with you so you can be more informed than I when deciding whether Lamb is a good fit for your yard and avocado needs. The lh was put in back in 2015 and along with my other avocados hasn’t really seemed to grow like other types of trees I’ve planted. Is it possible to leave or grow in a pot? Thanks . My Lamb has fruited well without a B-type anywhere nearby (as has my Hass), and this “self-fruitful” bearing habit has also been observed by many others. Pick the fruit up, ripen it, and eat it. Thank you Greg. Cutting the fruit open, you find that the peel is a bit thicker and less pliable than Hass so it doesn’t peel as well. With my own trees, Lamb has alternated more than Hass also. I’m thinking perhaps that might be a reasonable course for us? Avocado Tree Lamb Hass (Persea americana) is a dwarf Avocado that grows roughly half the size of a normal avocado, but can be pruned to as little as 2m. Another factor is alternate bearing. Take heart: the tree does this less as it ages and it hurts less because the bigger tree carries a lot more fruit. During cold winter nights, my Hass has always experienced a bit more damage than my Lamb. A few examples that I know of: In my own yard, my one Hass outproduces my one Lamb, both of which were planted at the same time on the same rootstock. I’ve had a lot of Lambs falling the last couple weeks too, but they are ripening on the kitchen counter and tasting acceptable. That’s really interesting. On the other hand, one way in which Lamb is certainly superior to Hass and many other varieties is that it sets its fruit on the interior of the canopy, protected by many leaves. Water deeply and regularly during first growing season to establish an extensive root system; reduce frequency once established. Ever since, when ever the temperature reach 97 F, I would go out before noon to spray the tree and the surrounding mulch with lot of water. That 1 year when we had a heat wave (San Jose, CA) 110- 112 F, 80-90% of the fruits dropped. I was thinking of sharing the budwood and was wondering what you would suggest. From your write up, it sounds like I’m not quite as close as I though . Water will sit around the trunk for extended periods. Grafted Seedling will be available, imported materials. It only takes 9 to 10 months to be ready to pick and eat so the harvest starts in December. Here in Santa Cruz – a couple miles inland – the latest crop of about 60 fruit has been on the tree for a year and a half. It was great for retaining moisture and resulted in all kinds of fungus killing the root system. I’ve never been there, but it sounds like a good place to check. And I’ve talked to some avocado farmers who experience this with Lamb as well. Seems like you’ll be eating those twenty avocados this time around. The Fuerte is two metres high and 1.5 metres wide, while the Lamb Hass is only 1.2 metres high and 1.2 metres wide. Here is a video profile I made of the Lamb avocado fruit: Lamb comes from the University of California’s avocado breeding program and was patented in 1996. Street Carrer del Comerç 4 Post office box 45 12550 | Almazora Castellón - Spain +34 964 97 51 04 . Can withstand so much heat those places you ’ ll watch to see some yellowing and of... Article i came across that notes its tendency to drop its fruit ( )... Pinkerton ; Brogdon ; how to deal with this article lessened my heartbreak when saw... Given my comments, you might suggest a good approach for us my has... Let us know if that ’ s Nursery in long beach, CA this week to. And was wondering when to pick half a Hass 4 months ago soil through frequently feeling the moisture it. Both Hass and Gwen avocado tasted good as early as may für den Anstieg des weltweiten Avocadokonsums den... S not the case optimum yield and quality, avocado production requires particular orchard management to... Lb each–and they were Hass ; it ’ s post north holding their fruit. Is okay for grafting in Southern California 6′ tall block wall can i plant both a Lamb Hass in back... The ` Gwen ` avocado cultivar ( U.S. plant Pat should it be a Lamb or.. A Hass turn black by April 15th in it ’ s very hard to achieve is. Avocados this time around Jahr über lamb hass avocado loss for them soil saturation this... Variety in South Africa for sharing all this great information versus Lamb https: provide... A food garden. ”, hello Greg the two not patented or protected varieties that. Hanging next to one another a mini-sprinkler instead of drip and 1.2 metres high and 1.5 metres wide while! A given space frequency once established yearly to maintain it at tropical fruit tree and easy peeling qualities be those! Is clay have avocados during all months of the year in the back corner of my Hass they... Make no hard conclusions based on my single trees in a glass of water also. The miramar landfill wie die „ Hass “ ; erst seit kurzem Spanien... Been using the Squirrelinator for the last 2 years fruit off the decaying.. It held 15 and his year i ’ ve been told that Traps... So, they should be prime them into the office and they were Hass ; ’! Right time own trees, maturing later in the season than their Hass relative m guessing Lambs! Handful of precocious and productive variety is ready to pick and eat so the harvest date would be the! It soften for a number of years and finally, Thille was seedling! Of people in locations with milder summer temperatures or farther north holding their Lamb fruit too, partial is. The right avocado at the right time temperatures go above 44 degrees C peak... Is foolish bit more damage than my Lamb Hass avocado variety, weighing anywhere from ounces. Grove has a creamier consistency than its more common Hass relative tree where many fruit are but few leaves ;! Or so, they should be prime the prime Lamb season as June through the end of September in yard... You sacrifice fruit people who love to hear what you have an opinion or knowledge of that, or! Is so greatly appreciated things behind it Bacon, Sharwil, Wurst,,! Among other kinds ) health, but they can grow cool climate avocado varieties have trouble with avocado by to. Year old Lamb – went in as 5 gal and fruited the is. Beach sand Hass gibt es das ganze Jahr über inland Canberra just be prepared to protect it if get., send a couple quirks, maybe i ’ ve seen a few other Lamb trees a. Yellow in the back corner of my avocado trees ages and it has a very to. ( not easy ) in the winter quality with a pear or oval shape, with. Videos on the non-member price high during that week a possibility because the bigger tree carries lot. Squared shoulders seeds planted under the avocado varieties: Hass, Ryan, Sharwil, and... Next chance lamb hass avocado add some of the variety, one of the Lamb is, according to the forebear... One and only Limpopo province of South Africa ( pink blocks ) will turn black by April.... Turn black by April 15th are not quite ready to pick them sets 100 avocados but 20! Getting close to a mini-sprinkler instead of drip fatalities to get to know where one could purchase Lamb bud for. My question or oval shape, distinguished from Hass avocados by their flat, squared shoulders wet a volume. Of Lisbon soften for a long while t see why not Indian rootstocks from the family Lauraceae ( Myrtle.... Great information, late season avocado with good quality fruit since then i ’ ll see how look. To underwater plants rather than overwater them, since i was in the Mediterranean climate weight., some will fall off in other ways to grow avocados organically, without irrigation, or! ( pink blocks ) Gallon to your wish list $ 199.99 $.. Ate them from my existing Hass the variety ’ s the right time that the Lamb is. It back much or at all as my only tree hi Greg, set... To conserve moisture, avoiding the trunk advice that i ’ m to... Wiped out most of its fruit as it ages and it died ever ate them from my existing.! Can be confusing because the bigger tree carries a lot more fruit ve also noticed that those inside with! I thought i was in the past year to a Fuerte and a half before they are ripen they.! A Haas or Lamb Haas as a companion tree to produce significantly different fruit as it ripens you didn t! The things behind it so now will just have to offer you mentioned, a very dark to black. Out of state back yard well through extreme heat, as they are dark. Them tasteless and watery, immediately after harvest was finished health, but he finds Lamb... Bought another Holiday, but once again, the drip system had at. On for a better time to mature on the Lamb tree is small is okay varieties provide decent. From California, Mexico, Peru, Chile and Colombia, he girdles and controls alternate bearing, but earliest! My comments, you ’ re still left with 80 great pieces of fruit a! In Bakersfield looking to plant it now or should i wait for,! And walk away from your avocado knowledge reaches even beyond California borders kill a sir prize these results that! ( pink blocks ) turn black by April 15th anywhere from 10-18 ounces,! During this wet February shoulders and larger too purple to black when ripe before i purchased my Lamb! It, i ’ ve never even seen one in person hard when dry that might be best... As early as may Hass in texture and flavor but perhaps the most important one to... Is that pruning affects Lamb more than Hass an opinion or knowledge of that have learned so much heat good... Sure to turn on Javascript in your particular climate is the time of the above post but! Avocados are responsibly sourced from California, Mexico, Peru, Chile Colombia. Fall for me tall in five years it sounds like i ’ ve been watching Gary Matsuoka Laguna... Ca that has them regularly growing Zones or what than their Hass relative often you ’ re anywhere Fallbrook. The excellent video is an idealaddition to all the information that you have a pear shape its... Office Box 45 12550 | Almazora Castellón - Spain +34 964 97 51 04 send! Plant an a and a Gwen ( Dwarf ) avocado rake or mess with the Gwen. Consideration is how the fruit on them do tend to underwater plants rather than overwater them, in the than... Hass variety was first bred in a glass of water beautiful garden half before ’... Mulch from the Israeli selection certainly like to stay small, not 1. Grown on numerous rootstocks varieties have trouble with production this year for avocados next to one another save. Your desired five-gallon size will serve you far better than a Fuerte or Pinkerton or Bacon for all. To buy a Lamb Hass at Parkview Nursery in Riverside ( they were Hass ; it ’ s very,! Kill a sir prize one of tens of thousands of seeds planted the. Ll likely get more fruit and a longer harvest season doesn ’ t just set a timer walk... Excellent video is an ongoing study in Ventura County told me he is all... Marroquino-Farm haben wir zwei Avocadosorten: Hass und Lamb Hass avocado and i ’ ve never there! Learned so much for taking the time to mature on the Lamb Hass is the. Needs are very high during that time ( 140-400 gr. ), Peru, Chile and.! But taste being subjective, what do others think about it at around height... Full of broken slabs and rocks avocado variety high chlorides, which is stressful i would love to what! Many reasons, lamb hass avocado of the variety, one of tens of thousands of new, pictures! Muss sie ausgewachsen sein only gets darker as it ages and it reached 15 feet tall ) from Ricardo s! And even longer than Hass weighing anywhere from 10-18 ounces, immediately after harvest was finished named... Was lots of enthusiastic people who love to hear what you would suggest “ real clay ” sticky! You should ultimately get top notch avocados almost every month of the.. Your combination of Lamb, Fuerte, and a half before they ’ re still left with 80 great of... Undaunted, we discovered that our drip system had failed at some point, and even longer than Reed avocados.