The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until September. Return to Previous Page. It was epic. — Follow the worn path leading to a 3-way intersection on the northeast side of field, and go left on the Ridgeline Trail, a sandy roadbed through a young mixed hardwood forest. Ridgeline Mountain Biking Trail: This incredible trail is as close to riding a roller coaster on two wheels as you can get! The … DuPont State Forest - Ridgeline Trail. • 6.3mi, Fast and it! 14.4 km It is located in the Dupont State Forest in North Carolina. 2 of the falls were in … Cleaned up after the storm. • 2h 00m. Happened once going down Fletcher Creek with some horseback riders ascending the trail in that twisty section. Go see for yourself. DuPont State DuPont SRF Boundary Hunting Safety Zone Lake Stream State Road-Paved State Road-Gravel County Line Powerline IA Parking Area ... 59-Ridgeline Trail (1.5) 60-Rifle Trail (0.5) 61-River Bend Trail (0.3) 62-Rock Quarry Road (1.3) 63-Rocky Ridge Trail (1.3) 64-Sandy Trail (0.6) Dupont State Forest is a vast, expansive area with about 80 miles of singletrack and doubletrack trails. Cell signal is very weak at that area. Just fun. Osberg Ridgeline TrailIdaho’s Sun Valley is one of the top bike-friendly areas in the country. 5,512' Down 1h 30m, This was a fun fast downhill. Rifle Trail; Hickory Mountain Rd. 6.2mi, Top trail in NC The map uses the free Avenza app and costs only $4.99. The rest of the trails were fun, but ridgeline was the funnest!! So – when you go to DuPont, you have to ride this trail. — Super flowing downhill. Here in Dupont, you'll find a little bit of everything, ranging from gorgeous trails with rushing waterfalls, easy doubletrack, challenging, technical singletrack, steep slickrock, and … 1h 08m, Jim Branch to Buck Forest to Hooker, Hickory Mnt. Took my SO on that and it was good. 1h 30m, Done! 1679.98 m Up Great flow. The grade is mellow but enjoyable. Jim branch to buck forest to white pine to hooker Creek to Ridgeline downhill!!!! Trail was great. 6.3mi Ridgeline Trail, Dupont State Forest, WNC Managed to snag Bear away from training for the Trans-Provence long enough to film a little edit in Dupont State Forest, North Carolina. 1 Fav . Newbie to Mountain Biking. • I can only imagine the fun on a real downhill bike. Length 7.1 miElevation gain 784 ftRoute type Loop The grade is mellow but enjoyable. This trail was built for mountain biking. — 6.3mi, first real mountain ride Ridgeline Trail is a peaceful, pine-dominated hike. Le sentier longe un lac et sa difficulté est évaluée comme modérée. Locals mentioned that conditions where "sandy". Bit too much fire road in the middle but recommended Ridgeline Trail #65 is a singletrack mountain bike trail in Brevard, North Carolina. DuPont State Forest is a 10,500-acre piece of protected land in the southwest mountains of North Carolina which is home to numerous waterfalls, rocky summits, and wild streams. Mountain bike, helmet, water/snack/lunch. Follow. DSF003. Check out the Dupont Ridgeline Loop for a quick and easy loop using this trail. 3,568' Up Very steep. 356.02 m Down. 99% Upvoted. Ride bike have fun! Down Ridgeline for the final descent. There was alot of people so had to slow down and stop a few time for the slow bikers ^_^, Such a fun, fast and flowy ride...speed demons paradise! 443.09 m Up 3h 07m. Something else? This was the last park for 3 days of trail riding in western North Carolina. Wonderful circular route! Just 20 minutes from downtown Brevard, this is a great place to hone your MTB skills before venturing into the more technically-challengin… It connects Lake Imaging Road Trail and Hickory Mountain Loop and Hickory Mountain Road Trail. You are currently reading "Biking The Ridgeline Trail At Dupont", entry #17964 on The Captain's Journal.This article is filed under the category(s) Mountains,Personal and was published October 29th, 2017 by Herschel Smith. 1h 02m, Rode it this morning before packing up the camp site. An Adventure Projects staff member will review this and take an appropriate action, but we generally don't reply. share. 12.4mi, Lily and I Mynorco range fucked up I don't like this bike it's front pronounced it is not good for climbing Lily loved this trail hated other one, Rode 2-3 times w/ a couple of different climbs on this route during Pisgah Mtn Bike Fest. This trail is located in the Dupont State Forest area. It is normally open in any weather although it can close in extended periods of freeze/thaw during the winter. Ridgeline Trail. With this ride you get a interesting combination of single track trails and gravel Forest Service roads. Sep 18, 2015 - Jeep Wrangler Upgrades Ideas 4x4. Xem Mountain Biking Ridgeline Trail DuPont State Forest, North Carolina (Jake Smith Follow Cam) (1) - Geketuta trên Dailymotion Take the second left up Jim Branch Trail and get your game face on! • This is about an injury or accident Couldn't get faster now matter how fast I pedaled my Trek. 11am Meet Up time at the Lake Imaging Parking Lot. This is a mulit-use trail: Horseback, Hiking and Mountain Biking. The trail is narrow single track and there is not room on the trail for a bike and a hiker pass each other. Highly recommended. 1h 45m, Geeen sections are mostly fire road which was a little annoying but the last section of downhill (ridgeline) is totally worth it — • 6.2mi. — At A Glance. The gravel grind is good exercise. 4,082' Up Pack lunch and ride as many loops as you like! Raw video of mountain biking the 1.5 mile downhill Ridgeline Trail at Dupont State Forest, NC on Sept 22nd 2018 with Donald O. DuPont State Forest Hikes DuPont State Forest - Ridgeline/Hooker Creek Loop This album, touring what I’ve dubbed the Ridgeline/Hooker Creek Loop, is one of many ‘filler hikes’ which I’d need to complete to achieve my 2020 goal of hiking every trail in DuPont State Forest.