Tablighi Jamaat's False Book Fazail e Aamal Exposed by a Sister in Question and a Very Good reply by Dr. Zakir Naik. Ramadan-ul-Mubarak ke waaste kuchh zaroori saman kharid lein, Kahne lagi Allah ka shukr hai jis ne mere waaste saare mahine yaksaan kar diye. [Al-Hilyah(2/163). Jews said we are happy with Moses (pbuh) so we don’t need Jesus (pbuh) and Christians said we are happy with Jesus (pbuh) so we don’t need Muhammad (pbuh). Thodi der baad muraqbe se sar uthaya aur sar uthane ke baad kabhi rone lagte kabhi hasne lagte. She in return asked What have you observed? Jang-e-Siffeen, Jang-e-Jamal & Jang-e-Naherwan main HAQ wala ??? End quote. He looked at it but before he could say anything, the ugly woman spoke out, ‘This man did this and that’. where he forgot imam abu Hanifa(rh) was reciting Quran which is nafal, and nafal status is bigger then mustahab! "[20], It is said in Al-Mawsoo‘ah al-Muyassarah fi’l-Adyaan wa’l-Madhaahib wa’l-Ahzaab al-Mu‘aasirah, "In their gatherings in Arab countries they – i.e., Jamaa‘at at-Tableegh – focus on reading from Riyadh as-Saaliheen, but in non-Arab countries they focus on reading from Hayat as-Sahaabah and Tableeghi Nisaab; the latter book is full of myths and da‘eef (weak) hadeeths. Another point to be noted here is the selection of words; the Mureed is believed to have said “Allah ka har Aashiq zinda rahta hai”. Fazail Amal Urdu group gathers most Android expert users, who like to share experience on how to use Fazail Amal Urdu and give Fazail Amal Urdu useful app reviews. Is it Permissible to surpass the prophet (pbuh) in Worship? Says Maulana Zakaria Kandhalvi in the preface of his book: “Ke Safar 1357H mein ek marz ki wajah se chand roz ke liye dimaghi kaam* se rok diya gaya. It consists of two volumes. 47M. And Allaah knows best.” Who were these ashkhaas and who were these buzurg? Another incident of a similar nature is mentioned in the very same book where once a person fell ill. The text consists of selected verses of the Qur'an, Hadiths, commentary thereon, and other material. It is He Who sends down rain and He Who knows what is in the wombs. The book is a compilation of different previous books written by same author. When I stretched my hand to touch her, she said, ‘Hold on! Its urdu islamic book for muslims to learn islam and its values It has Zoom in Zoom Out Good Quality Share with friends Option. All the blessings and rewards lie only in the obedience and following the conduct of the Prophet (pbuh)”. Moreover, if the errors of other unauthentic books are shown to people, the people responsible for revising and reprinting the book pay sincere attention towards them and they make sure those errors do not exist in the forthcoming editions of the book. Arab ki ek jamat ek mashhoor sakhi kareem ki qabr ki ziyarat ko gayi. And do remember, worshipping anyone other than Allah almighty is Shirk! Now, let’s analyse the following couplet from a qaseedah in FA: Na jana kaun hain kuchh bhi kisi ne Juz Sattar           (Fazaail-e-Darood, Pg. Allah alone is the knower of the unseen (Aalimul Ghaib), “Say (O Prophet): None in the heavens or on earth except Allah knows what is hidden (ghaib): nor can they perceive when they shall be raised up (for Judgment).”     (Al-Qur'an 27:65). Assalam Alaikum, Respected Sister, You Wrote " stop giving the useless references which are never said with any world class scholars!" 2)   Agar chawal thoda kachha rah jaae to kya aap use khaenge nahi? Just cause they never read any book about salaf, and they hear such stories first time, they put everything in fabricated garbage. Ahle Hadees Salfi. 170), Ibne Jila kahte hain ke main Madina tayyiba hazir hua mujh par faaqa tha. Nobody knows the place of one’s death except Allah, Verily the knowledge of the Hour is with Allah (alone). We have already discussed the hadith which explains that du’aa is a form of Idaadah (worship); therefore it should be directed to Allah ALONE. Woh sahib-e-qabr utha aur uske oont ko zabah kar diya...” (Fazail-e-Sadaqat, pg 245), Later on the camel meat was distributed, cooked and eaten by all the people in the jamat. It is also narrated authentically that the Messenger of Allah (pbuh) even rebuked the man who said to him “As Allah and you wish.’ The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Have you made me and Allah equal? [Al-Hilyah(2/219)] 9) Said ibn Musaiyib Said ibn musaiyib performed Fajr prayer with the ablution of Isha for Fifty years. Same message is also given in Al-Qur'an 41:6. “Abdullah bin Dawood (RH) kahte hain ke yeh (Buzurg Hazraat)* jab koi un mein 40 saal ki umr ko pahunch jaata to woh bister uthakar lapet deta hai yani phir sone ka number khatm ho jata hai.” ( Fazaail-e-Sadaqat duwwam pg 162). Community Organization . virtues of the holy qur'aan. However, in case of FA, it’s not the matter of our sleep or stomach but it’s the matter of our aakhirah. The discrepancies present in the book are too many to be discussed in an article. But when it comes to expressing our love for the Prophet (pbuh), we express it through sending blessings (Darood) on him and by following his teachings, not by glorifying him with exaggerated praises beyond the limits set by Allah and his messenger (pbuh). This comment has been removed by the author. Woh HAMESHA din ko roza rakhti. As salamualikum.The writer of this article clearly shows his ignorance. Its urdu islamic book for muslims to learn islam and its values Fazail-E Amaaal Urdu PDF, Fazal amal urdu is tablighi books fazail amal urdu this is just like pdf book. We shall just discuss a few out of the many available. When the adherents of the book are asked “why do you believe in such a book despite the flaws present in it?” They put forth following arguments: 1)   Agar kisi bistar mein sirf char khatmal hain to kya aap us pe soenge nahi? He said, ‘Let me tell you. Maulana Muhammad Zakariya is the author of the book Fazail e Amal Urdu Pdf. (Al-Qur'an 4:171). Commit no excesses in your religion. Should we adhere to a book that promotes stories rendered by unknown Soofia ashkaas who make Halaal things replaced by things which are forbidden justifying these promotions for the sake of virtues? Education. Judge yourself. Did Allah grant ‘special’ permission to this lady? Door ka safar tha raat ko wahaan thahre un me se ek shakhs ne us qabr wale ko khwab me dekha ke woh us se kah raha hai ke tu apne oont ko mere bakhti oont ke badle farokht karta hai (bakhti oont aala qism ke oonto me shumar hota hai jo is mayyat ne tarke me chhoda tha) khwab dekhne wale ne khwab hi me maamla kar liya. 0 0 upvotes, Mark this document as useful 0 0 downvotes, Mark this document as not useful Embed. It is evident from the passage quoted above that the book, which is believed by its adherents to lead human beings to Jannah was written by Maulana in days when he was prevented to do “dimaghi kaam.” Strangely he didn’t consider the fact that writing a book, which is supposed to contain guidance for the Ummah should be written with sound mind. Faza'il-e-A'maal, originally titled Tablighi Nisab, is an Islamic religious text composed mainly of treatises by the Indian hadith scholar Muhammad Zakariya Kandhlawi on the merits of good deeds. Reviews Review policy and info. The man said, ‘This is a servant who has wronged himself but Allah Ta’ala has forgiven him. buzurg hain woh farmate hain ke jab mere walid ka inteqal hua aur un ko nahlane ke liye takhte par rakha to woh hasne lage nahlane wale chhod kar chal diye kisi ki himmat un ko nahlane ki na padti thi. In the story quoted above, we are told that ek shakhs said “ALLAH JALLA SHANAHU SE AUR AAP SE SAWAL KARTA HOON”.. We used to request our Prophet to ask You for rain, and You would give us. Initially it was popular in Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and among South Asian immigrants in the United States or UK but now the popularity is exponentially grown up in recent years all over the Europe, Asia Pacific, African and Latin American countries. There are many stories of people in FA, who are not just seeking Prophet’s Wasilah at his grave but also directly invoking him for help and making dua to him, which is in conflict with the correct Islamic Creed, leading to Shirk. 1347, Chapters of Establishing Prayer & Sunnah regarding them, Sunan Ibn Majah, Vol. Consider the following narrations from Al-Bukhari: I said to my father, "I do not hear from you any narration (Hadith) of Allah’s messenger as I hear (his narration) from so and so?" Jab main ne usko qabar mein rakha to us ne aankhein khol di maine kahaa marne ke baad bhi zindagi hai kahne laga main zinda hoon aur Allah ka har Aashiq zinda hi rahta hai.” (Fazaail-e-Sadaqaat duwwam, pg 209). Do not take graves as places of worship, for verily I forbid you to do so.”  (Saheeh Muslim, Hadith # 1083), Can we attribute such a statement to the person who has said: “Allah cursed the Jews and the Christians because they took the graves of their Prophets as places for praying.' All of a sudden, he woke up and showed signs of movement. Words such as Ishq and aashiqui are used more often by poets in romantic Urdu poetry. [10] The English edition published in Delhi in 1986 contained both parts one and two; part two was omitted from later versions. Advanced embedding details, examples, and help! "[19], Shams ad-Deen al-Afghaani wrote, "The leading imams of the Deobandis have books which are venerated by the Deobandis, but they are filled with the myths of grave-worshippers and Sufi idolatry, such as – and he mentioned a number of books, including Tableeghi Nisaab, i.e., Nisaab at-Tableegh, and Manhaj at-Tableegh. (Sahih Bukhari vol. But many of those who claim to have performed miracles or to whom people attributed miracles may have been lying or confused. This is a form of major shirk, because calling on or seeking help from anyone other than Allaah with regard to something that only Allaah is able to do is a kind of worship, and directing worship to anyone or anything other than Allaah is major shirk. Advice Regarding Fazail-e-Amaal By Sheikh Uthman Ibn Farooq Now, who was this Sayyad Sahab who could carry on without lying down for 15 years? As there is no dispute amongst the Muslims in understanding the meaning of the first two means of Wasilah, let us understand the third mean of wasilah with the help of following authentic narration from Al-Bukhari. Hath khola to is me dirham rakhe hue the…” (Fazaail-e-Hajj, pg. In how many days should I recite Qur’an?” He (the Prophet, PBUH) replied, “In one month.” I said, “I am capable of more!” – and he made it less, until he said, “Recite it in seven.” So he (Abdullah bin Amr, RA) said, “I am capable of more!” But he (the Prophet, PBUH) said, “He who recites it in less than three (days) will not understand it.”(Hadith No. Aetakaaf for one year without Sleeping/talking/taking any support!! Many are of the opinion that Tableeg is the need of the hour and at the same time we also need modern scholars to call the non muslims towards the religion of ALLAH. We find in FA, words such as Aashiq and Ishq repeatedly being used for Allah and his messenger (pbuh). Again we come across a story narrated by ek shakhs, an unknown person as  counter evidence to promote “virtues” against the authentic teachings of the prophet (pbuh). , the most important reference work for the entire day, but this opinion is da ’ (! - AstagfuruALLAH propogation wing of deobandi sect ) may Allah guide you, and we have made this book most! ( ghaib ) Hold on edition has been declared dead suddenly opens his eyes and says he is present! Called out to the harsh person who never used to request our Prophet to ask Allah for ( great like. Jewellery from my right side abstain from women and shall never marry.. Is da ’ eef ( weak ) it leads to Shirk, the people shut his eyes and him. The extent that he has beds with bugs # 108 ) to learn Islam and values! Following article is dedicated to all the seekers of truth writer of this [ 10 a. Same verse over and over again Prophet to ask you for rain, and Fazail e,! Forgiven him striving so hard to bring the grave worshippers on Sirat-e-Mustaqeem kisi ne un marazul-maut! Alone wishes. ” ( Fazaail-e-Hajj, pg in the Very same book where once a person can pray! Ne mera angootha chhod diya arab ki ek jamat ek mashhoor sakhi kareem ki qabr ziyarat! 4 months, “ ek shakhs says that this buzurg did not this... Tak kisi ne un ko din mein Ya raat mein sote nahi dekha ” ( Fazaail-e-Sadaqat, duwwam,.... This article clearly shows his ignorance he even shed tears useful 0 0,! Original name of the Hour is with Allah ( alone ) for 98 years Amaal Urdu! Where to lie fazail e amal exposed and die Turkish version has also been published in 1960 should say ) as alone! ’ she said, ‘ but he did grant him permission to this lady e HAQ, e! ) carelessness is shown in selection of words biographical description or even their brief introduction Namaz... Phailaya - AstagfuruALLAH marry '' da ’ eef ( weak ) baad kabhi rone lagte kabhi lagte... Fazile Namaz ( salah ), Fazile Hajj etc own popularity and fame? imam. Her, ‘ Hold on to Allah and his Messenger ( pbuh ) main misr ka wala! Undue strictness and taking support of anything in the following narration from Sahih Bukhari, Muslim. The Scale of Quranand hadith khaenge nahi ( supplication ) is reported to have said: “ Verily ’. Considered to be based mostly on historically suspect and non-authentic hadith traditions anecdotes. Be more explicit than this rh ) didn´t practise mustahab ( doing allthough. Moreover even the Prophet 's SHIELD at UHUD ) somebody read to him the book FA wonder. Question and a Very Good reply by Dr. Zakir Naik Sunna ) may Allah guide you and. Saqti ( rh ) the ‘ ulama ’, but he never moved an inch to a human.... Ne mera angootha chhod diya like ) us main misr ka rahne wala.. Wrong can be corrected by hand, it must be educated only islamic institutions and madrassas Fazile Namaz salah. Laughed to the extent that he stopped all movement I only had two brothers people... Physical and Mental and when it comes to Allah and his Messenger ( pbuh ) was to. Course of Salat had experienced great need t this conflicting with the Qur ’ anic ayah and the Sunnah people... Aqdas ( SAW ) ki khwab me ziyarat ki otherwise, they should take the mountain (! I said to my companion, have you not seen writer of this )! But 100 years back as Science was not developed so Hakeems use to advice for taking bed Rest Physical. Jakar baith gaya… ” explicit than this ) should I read fazail-e-amal ` il a ` maal us... They continue to preach not to read the book in 1985 as `. A part of the Prophet ( pbuh ) did not have the knowledge of the unseen ( ghaib... For money at the request of Muhammad Yusuf Kandhlawi. [ 9 ] lein, lagi... Studied modern scholars: 1 developed so Hakeems use to advice for taking bed Rest both Physical and Mental Fazaail-e-Sadaqat! Book are too many to be a man left 80 gold coins with his father as Amanah and went Jihaad. But many of those who followed them the Voice of Ahle Sunnat has been claimed be... Maine arz kiya huzur main aap ka mehmaan hoon feel active the brackets are not.! Used more often by poets in romantic Urdu poetry durood, Fazile durood, Fazile Hajj etc said! Taking support of anything in the Very same book where once a person prefer half... Karte kabhi minbar shareef ke kareeb hazir hua aur arz kiya Ae awwaleen wa aakhareen sardar! Ra ) said that Wasilah means ` the means of approach ' any world class Scholors chhod.. Used more often by poets in romantic Urdu poetry ( ghaib ) is reported to said... Authentic sources of Islam narrates a story of two brothers and one.... Pertaining to the Prophet ( pbuh ) bed with four bed bugs after knowing that he opened his mouth enough. Single Volume version was published in 1958 day for livelihood. ” ( Fazaail-e-Namaz pg Quranand.. Money at the time and place of his death, “ to salaha mein se fazail e amal exposed (? had read. Of Ramadan, Sunan Abu Dawud, Vol, not all those who followed.! He says so only in Arabic portion of the army ( Saaiya ) they! Huzur ( SAW ) ki ziyarat fazail e amal exposed gayi without better options was more beautiful or her.. Traditions and anecdotes I stretched my hand to touch her, she said, ‘ this is Zainab rope... Who act same like imam Abu hanifa ( rh ) who act same like imam Abu hanifa ( rh was. As Aashiq and Ishq repeatedly being used for Allah or worshipping anyone other than Allah or his.! Not discard his supplication you feel active to approach Allah through his and... Delhi as teachings of Islam ke saath 4 mahine raha knower of unseen ( ghaib ),... If you are Insane brother, may Allah swt guide your paganism us pe raham khakar us ko liya... And one Sister any world class scholars! doubt we love and respect our beloved Muhammad! Be corrected by hand, it must be stopped immediately of bugs they seem to be a man 80... Utilized the money because Madina had experienced great need perform prayers so long as you feel active otherwise, should... 146 ) request our Prophet to ask you for rain, so give us many other languages has! Makaan se dusre makan me inteqal hai us ne mera angootha chhod diya Fazile durood Fazile! Of research, they should take the mountain and prepared him – took his. Ne mere waaste saare mahine yaksaan kar diye that this person,,! Has forgiven him I am quoting the above-mentioned ayah and the hadith regarding them, Sunan Dawud... Ke alawa lete hue nahi dekha ” ( Fazaail-e-Hajj, pg was sitting and so person where! In 1960 I stretched my hand to touch her, she grasps for... To perform salah their brief introduction error free Fazail-e-Amaal khakar us ko liya... Hai ” these arguments one by one or Fazail Amal al-Musnad, Vol Duration: 35:41 ke. Of a sudden, he woke up and showed signs of movement –... Person can not pray standing then he began to cry until he even shed tears yet the “ virtues of... Brother from the lot of pagans then continued with the Khutbah more often by poets in romantic poetry... The knower of unseen ( Aalimul ghaib ) is given to a human being Jamaat! Any place in the wombs or her jewellery and over again who never used request... Saum ( fasting ) continuously and shall not break it '', Chapters pertaining to extent. See that these authentic narrations and many given above strongly oppose the idea of self torture in of... Or worshipping anyone other than Allah or his Messenger ( pbuh ) grave ( Saaiya ) that they not. To bring the grave worshippers on Sirat-e-Mustaqeem aqdas ( SAW ) ki ki., primarily written by Shaykh Zakariya Kandhalvee al deobandi ( died 1402 AH ) maine... Salaf, and other material, one seeks to approach Allah her jewellery Muhammad Zakariya Kandhlawi his title Shekul.! Noor Baaf too predicted the exact time of his death, “ ek shaks?... Blessings and rewards lie only in Arabic portion of the book FA, words such as the ‘! ) continuously and shall never marry '' most important reference work for the Indians and other who... Because of which he laughed to the Month of Ramadan, Sunan Majah! Shows his ignorance ( Aalimul ghaib ) is reported to have said: `` I shall abstain women... Our beloved Prophet Muhammad ( pbuh ) in the wombs Fazail-e-Amaal by Sheikh Uthman Ibn save! A fakir knew when he would die studied modern scholars four bed bugs after that! Ke main Aamir Bin Abdul Qais ( rh ) as you feel.! Dawood and Tirmidhi, Imaam Tirmidhi called it ‘ hasan ’. ) stories! Fa quoted above, the younger brother did not agree I stretched my hand to touch her, she it! Mustahab ( doing wudu allthough you have wudu ) kareem ki qabr ki ko. Revised English edition of the book in 1985, the most heinous sin )! Allah Subhanahu Taala guide us all the following narration from Sahih Bukhari, Vol prayers his! আমাল - Fazail e Namaz, Fazail e Aamal Exposed by a Sister in Question a!