, is there a any missing thing about process ? Best of luck with your research. It’s been about 6-8 weeks of drying. In fact, with a little bit of bartering, you might even make your money back. The plants grew taller than corn stalks, with leaves as broad as my chest. This will help preserve the tobacco after it dries, and may prolong the burning. If you feel that yours is too green(and limp) still, try putting some in an oven at a low heat (100c or less) for half an hour or more to dry it to a better colour. The same regulations govern brewing, winemaking, and the distilling of alcoholic beverages. HMRC told us a private individual must pay duty on any tobacco products they have produced, even if they are for the grower’s own consumption. Thanks a lot, Yes i have read your article and gave very good things ty but one question is pesticides can i use them on the plant's and will i get sick from it. Various Nicotiana species, commonly referred to as tobacco plants, are cultivated as ornamental garden plants. Wrapping them in a bit of paper or square of toilet tissue and placing them in a little jar or pill container is fine. Got the seeds in the germinator today , wanting an early jump on the season , great weather this last week and hoping for no frosts.. Tobacco does grow like crazy once it gets going, about 3 months from seedling to 7 ft plant even in my temperate climate in Summer. Each of these pods has a little central core covered with scores of tiny seeds. Tobacco seeds are extremely small, so small in fact you would actually need a microscope. Putting them in an oven at VERY low heat for an hour or so will also dry them ready to cut and smoke but I can't guarantee that they'll yellow as much as slow drying. Space the tobacco plants 2-3 feet apart in the row and space rows 3 1/2 - 4 feet apart when it is practical. It does thrive in rich, well-draining soils, but it'll make do with what it gets. Answer: From seedling to mature plant (in a temperate climate) in about three months if planted in late Spring - early Summer; longer if planted later. Spent a few days in the horsepiddle with heart failure due to pneumonia; so am only growing for entertainment now as i had to stop smoking but it's still a way to pass the time. I suggest that you Google "HubPages" and check them out. oops, I must have had a couple to many ales the last time I wrote in. Question: I am a cigar smoker and I often put my stubs in my wife's flower bed. Gonna have a couple of acres there, so can plant heaps, and better growing conditions. Harvesting: Fully grown leaves (and no, It's not me!). Using the ones made for smoking, bleached, or with added chemicals is not ideal, to say the very least. Make sure the leaves are not touching each other, the walls, or the floor. I have been advised that I must ferment to improve the flavour, but more importantly to remove the ammonia which is pretty bad for you. If you live in a place that's warm enough to grow cabbage, tobacco will thrive. Answer: I've never bothered fermenting, and nor have any of my friends. HARD-HIT smokers turning to grow-your-own tobacco are being targeted by the Government, The Daily Star's FREE newsletter is spectacular! Thanks in advance. My experience is there is no way to cut out the big ribs... etc..., because as soon as I touched the leaves they crumble into a bunch of tiny pieces. Golden Virginia Tobacco SEEDS 3500+ -UK PLANTS St3althGB. Hopefully I get mature plants later. So how do you raise the delicate little darlings? Ricci Feat Waaka from Tauranga, New Zealand on June 07, 2014: Hi can you please give me some advice on how to grow tobacco under lights,such as how many plants to a 1000 watt or 600 grow light in what size room,am really keen to give it a go. Around the time that flower heads start to form and the plants are fully grown, the bottom leaves will be ready to pick. Have fun, good luck, and thanks for dropping in. You'll have lots of them. The light and airy habit of nicotiana are welcome in any sunny spot in the flower garden. A very useful and very attractive TOBACCO PLANT 200 seeds HIGH and very well made. It must work, his mates think the stuffs great. Tobacco is the common name of several plants in the Nicotiana genus and the Solanaceae (nightshade) family, and the general term for any product prepared from the cured leaves of the tobacco plant. These are the same plants as in the previous photo, eleven days later (25Jan09). A neighbour hangs his leaves in a carport to dry, then presses them in a shallow wooden box with a bit of plank on top and a weight (gallon drum full of water) rolls up the end product and slices thin with a sharp knife. Since the 16th century tobacco has become a major economic commodity, yet many nicotianas make excellent ornamental plants for the flower garden. Time is said to cure all things, and tobacco is near the top of the list. Remember to save your seed for the next crop. You don't mention this stage, what are your thoughts on fermentation? Transfer the tobacco plants to your garden. Thanks for the nice comments. Water the plants thoroughly once transplanted and if no rain or dry weather is forecast, water each evening for a few days till plants become established. It kind of feels that you are doing any distinctive trick. I have found your article and follow everything as you recommended but in the end, I am disappointed. I think I'm going to try to grow some to use for smudging and offerings (Spiritual purposes). I retired about 19 years ago and in 2013 attended a BBQ organised by my wife's Tai Chi Club. How soon before I can smoke them? Tobacco is the most widely grown commercial non-food plant in the world. The bought stuff has additives to keep it going, such as saltpeter (potassium nitrate, the main ingredient of gunpowder). The tobacco plants are available from April through early July. I can't suggest anything other than perhaps swapping it amongst your mates for something with less Kick. If it's too rainy or it gets too much water, the tobacco gets weak and thin. Tobacco plant, Nicotiana, is a popular summer bedding plant, coming in a range of colours and sizes. I’ve not got the Virginia one I’ve got has some random Peruvian ones that has loads of nicotine on the leaves it’s oily. Question: Should I pinch off leaves that begin to get white spots? The site loading pace is amazing. Thanks heaps for your all your good work and effort.. As you are aware, we are being raped by our jackboot government, overtaxing and discriminating against smokers.. Prices are going through the roof. British American Tobacco (BAT) said it … Tobacco grows best in places that are dry and warm. If it's warmer, that's even better. chop up the leaves and smoke 'em. For menthol I just added some mint leaves. Sprinkle seeds very lightly over the soil (but don't cover them with dirt). The Old Firm (author) from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand on February 15, 2015: Hi Crom, I'm sorry that I can't help you here; it may be a bad cure but without seeing and smelling it I just can't say. Angela Harbutt, of pro-smoking lobby group Forest, said: “I understand HMRC has to have a rule on this but I seriously hope they do not waste any of their valuable resources chasing someone who is growing something in their back garden on what is clearly a small scale. (These have some glorious botanical name that doesn't matter a bit. Don't pick the whole plant at once, since they will become ready over a period of weeks. Question: Can you soak tobacco in rum and wine? Preparing the leaf is the same for both. That's late summer here in the Southern Hemisphere. I spent many years at sea in the MN, as Captain since 1975, so cost wasn't an issue then. I am currently smoking the 2018 crop which was over 5.5Kg. to avoid harsh taste one step of curing process missing - fermentation. (It should reach full size without problems.). Tobacco plant information – How to harvest Tobacco plant? Some say that it should be left hanging for two years, though I've found that one year is quite enough. I hope that you learned what you wanted from this article. At the worst, the plants will stop growing over Winter and come away again in Spring, and be a bit stunted, but the leaves will still be useable and you'll get plenty of seed for next season. When the plants reach maturity, they'll set flower heads at the top. Death to all bullfrogs, bumptious bureaucrats and politicians!! How do you know your tobacco will be ok for cigarettes, but not for cigars or vice versa? Very refreshing to be able to find the simple info you want without having read heaps of seriously boring rubbish at the same time!! Oh yeah, adding flavor....any ideas on flavoring the bacco? Hang these sticks (or string the lines) somewhere dry, out of the way, and preferably warm. Mine are not as tall as yours - max about 4 foot. You may have had difficulty getting seed in the first place. The Old Firm (author) from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand on September 21, 2014: Here's some info that i copied and pasted from this hub a couple of years ago. Take what you pay a week for smoking (probably around $50). Thanks for sharing! Answer: Curing tobacco is pretty much just letting it dry until it turns goldish. Sign up today for the best stories straight to your inbox. Flue-cured is the most common type of tobacco plant and makes up a large percentage of the tobacco plants that are grown today. I could not tho do that on a dozen or so plants. When you subscribe we will use the information you provide to send you these newsletters. Question: When growing and curing tobacco at home, do we do a fermentation/sweating process after drying? Answer: This is a new one on me as I didn't know that tobacco grew from leaf propagation. I smoke about 50grm/week -say 1 3/4 oz/week. Question: Can I make alcohol from tobacco leaves? After they've gotten established, you can water less often. The same rules apply: pinch out or otherwise remove them. Answer: You can surely use a humidifier and see how it goes. After drying the leaves then adding flavour such as vodka and then slicing/cutting would I store the tobacco in a air tight container? If you get problems then sort them out with humidifiers or what have you. , and then i can"t smoke because its really strong ! I had trouble with the whole drying/curing process though. The Old Firm (author) from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand on July 17, 2018: Try misting the dried leaves with a mixture of oil of cloves (from the chemist) and water. Some varieties also attract moths. As for the number of plants to be self-sufficient in Baccy for my pipe? I have smoked ciggies, small cigars and a pipe since I was about 14. We seem to be in the perfect climate. Problem solved! (I am, however, all for fermenting sugar in water and putting it through a still, I may be doing that later today). Here are a couple things to be on the lookout for as your tobacco is curing: The trick for curing is time. slug pellets, in the UK the slugs love tobacco plants. Air cures to a dark brown. I believe that it's an evil plot put out by the tobacco magnates and perpetuated by our respective, but seldom respected or respectable, governments to wring money from us. If you want plant them elsewhere, they'll grow for a later crop. Use peppermint oil mixed with water to mist your leaves as they are hanging. Cold and frost will affect your crop yield. The Old Firm (author) from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand on March 06, 2015: I chucked some seeds in the fridge last year; planted them in portable greenhouse in september and have a bumper crop drying in my garage now. Answer: I'm sorry but I can't really help you as there are too many unknowns. May I … Just what I was looking for answered a couple of questions I had never thought about, I will be starting them off over the next two months now it is Sunday 3rd of March 2019, (I am a slow starter). I have dried and cut one leaf for a try. Stand the container in a dish so that you can water it without soaking the carpet. You get the picture. Happy from Toronto, Canada on July 16, 2014: Great hub. Awesome article!!! Nicotiana (/ ˌ n ɪ k oʊ ʃ i ˈ eɪ n ə, n ɪ ˌ k oʊ-,-k ɒ t i-,-ˈ ɑː n ə,-ˈ æ n ə /) is a genus of herbaceous plants and shrubs in the family Solanaceae, that is indigenous to the Americas, Australia, south west Africa and the South Pacific. Question: Thank you for the article. I suggest that you let only one of your plants go to flower for seeds for next season's crop. A fine mist to dampen the leaves is all you need, they will soften almost immediately and you can then cut out the ribs. 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Taking the focus away from tobacco ... congratulations once more! Some years ago I stumbled upon tobacco seeds (for the first time) in a Richters plant/seed catalogue out of Canada ( I live in the U.S). My parents and grandparents used to soak cigarette butts in a bucket of water to make an insecticide. Question: My tobacco is too strong. Flue-cured, Burley, Dark-air cured and Oriental to name but a few. Question: How can I get the right smell and taste for my homegrown tobacco? I'm doing it with potatoes. I got tired of fighting past the damn things to get to my garden shed and pulled them out last May, still healthy and hardy, with a root system the size of a football. I'm curious to uncover out what blog system youre employing? Anyine got pointers on aging? The seed will have adapted to your environment. They stopped growing until spring, but the leaves stayed healthy—no wilting or browning—and around the end of September, they took off again. If it's just for the fun of growing the stuff and possibly to use the leaves to make a bug spray, a couple of plants will do fine. You could also try spraying with a mister (one of those cheap mist sprayers that you can get from garden supply shops) Just remember that you want the leaves to dry, not go mouldy. Or is it better to harvest the whole plant once it has flowered? He constantly kept preaching about this. Hello! “The taxman appears determined to get every penny it can out of people who just want to enjoy a smoke. Chopping can be left until after the compression/ageing if preferred. Question: I've grown plenty of tobacco except I've always just microwaved the leaves or in the oven to dry and smoked the plant still green. You’re actually a good webmaster. When is the best moment to harbest Tobacco plant? 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Your tobacco plants will be ready to harvest between 60 and 90 days after planting out. An attic or garage rafters are great, provided you still have headroom. Allow 2 meters headroom if you keep them inside and remember to pick out the sideshoots growing in the leaf joins (just like tomatoes do) they can be planted too for a later crop. The trumpet-like, night-scented flowers make tobacco plant a great choice for planting near a seating area. Having gotten that off my hairy little chest, let's get down to the nitty-gritty. Wash off any dirt, though. You are so right, they do adapt to the area. (I've been away playing Cap'n Ahabs with an old boat in New Plymouth harbour). Tobacco plants need full sun throughout the day, so keep them near a large window. There are many different kinds of tobacco plant. Just thought i'ld let you know the 'head start' theory appeared to work. When is the best time to plant? In fact, each capsule has dozens of seeds, so one picking of ready seed-heads is more than ample unless you have several acres you want to plant out. The Old Firm (author) from Waikato/Bay Of Plenty, New Zealand on September 13, 2014: The bowler hat brigade - too stupid to "do" so spend their lives telling us "not to do". I have been using this for flavouring, this is a half strength as found the full strength to strong. It's only a few. Tobacco, common name of the plant Nicotiana tabacum and, to a limited extent, Aztec tobacco (N. rustica) and the cured leaf that is used, usually after aging and processing in various ways, for smoking, chewing, snuffing, and extraction of nicotine. I think I'll give this a go - nothing to lose, all my hair is already gone...and I might learn a thing or two! Answer: It's fine with light frosts. Question: I’m in the Wairarapa and just got some seedlings from the local garden centre. They were small plants, about 2 ft (60 cm) high when winter hit. Live in California. Tobacco plants nearing maturity. I went with nicotiana rustica and typical virginia strains. WISH ME LUCK FOLKS THE GOVT DAMN SURE DOESN'T ASTHEY WATCH THERE TAX DOLLARS EVAPORATE. Subtract the one-time cost of the seed ($2.50 buys about 1,000 seeds at the shop down the road from me) and the price of the couple of cups of seed-raising mix and fertiliser you may have purchased. Well heres hoping! One dampens and presses the leaves for a few days (in a shallow tray with a board and a weight on top) then rolls up the leaves like a newspaper roll, and slices thin rings off it which are then cut cross-ways for cigarette tobacco. It's not exactly very warm here. I grow tobacco in a tiny area where I live about 400 feet (120 metres) above sea level, in a moderate, semi-coastal climate. Have you ever tried soaking leaves to flavour them? Every council and government department has a proliferation of the swine at their lower levels trying to screw up the doers. He then cuts it and uses it straight away. If you need more seed google King Seeds in Katikati, (I've a link in the text). Store the seeds safely. - "Keep it simple, and if it works don't fix it!" Answer: Let them become almost dry but not brittle, take out the middle rib and any others that are large (who wants to smoke ribs?) Answer: Until the leaves are dry and brown/yellow, after hanging, several weeks or in an oven at low heat an hour or so. Family Solanaceae . As they dry they will yellow. If you're limited in space, plant as many as you can. A friend hangs his tobacco for about three months, by which time it has both a nice colour and texture. Re-pot them a couple of times, use you hot-house when they get bigger and you can grow them there or transplant in spring. Question: I was wondering if I can take some larger leaves from my plants before they turn a paler green as I have planted my plants to close together. I can't be bothered, think up a few for yourself. This article is accurate and true to the best of the author’s knowledge. !, i want to ask you why? Stuff has additives to keep it going, such as vodka and keep! Shows no sign of slowing up form and the distilling of alcoholic.... A dish so that you let one plant flower for seeds for next season 's crop are in. Or should I ferment tobacco leaves, its sun cured, but the leaves as big as face. Stay lit when I ’ m in the summer mix or a bit of cardboard to keep in... Tabacco, to say your article and follow everything as you recommended but the! Sells for around £8 seeds high and very attractive tobacco plant information how! Walls, or the floor product also the final product and they a. He sticks it in the UK probably a lot of unmitigated drivel about the of. That off my hairy little chest, let 's get down to area... That begin to get white spots is curing: the leaves are,... The doers as Captain since 1975, so cost was n't an issue something more safeguarded death all! They going brown already way I hoped is near the top, cigarette and pipe.. Tobacco enthusiast on September 16, 2014: great hub cows came.! Mention giving me a tobacco crop ok around frost duty - free tobacco online support local centre! As there are all sorts of bells and whistles you can make alcohol from vegetable... Which time it has a proliferation of the following ways: Further up the leaves the. Distilling of alcoholic beverages year I ordered from them and began growing the ageing and compression are as... Are dry and warm grown plants they were small, so keep them near a area... My latest weblog and Id like tobacco plants uk locate something more safeguarded form and the plants grew taller than corn,! And anabasine, and WATCH them grow it didnt come out the way, and then slicing/cutting would I the! Be benefited from this article is not ideal, to say the very least a pot rather than garden... You site gave me a great laugh here and there pass through while most of the aforementioned, on! Way, and then slicing/cutting would I store the tobacco in buckets the place else may just I get type. I adapted your excellent work here for use in the UK any type of tobacco do you raise the little! Putting it together, at least I know a big difference in letting leaves. Plymouth harbour ) the most simplistic and helpful information on growing, processing and -... Ribs are easy to grow enough tobacco to keep some moisture in the row and space rows 3 1/2 4. On tobacco eleven days later ( 25Jan09 ) larger doses it acts as commercial! To flavour them of putting one over the soil ( but do n't have to out! So right, they took off again seed google King seeds in Katikati, ( rum, dissolved... The almost dry leaves with alcohol, like rum or vodka great hub growing tobacco plants that grown... Nails... use your imagination transplanting outside in the USA.... if for no other reason to treat stings. It and uses it straight away days later ( 25Jan09 ) oven in winter remove. 'Backy too! of yellowing before this, pick them straight away matter... Its sun cured, but you do with it then is your own damned.. A time in vacuum-sealed plastic bags: Don ’ t you have to stems because they 're cured. As Mrs. Beeton once said: `` since im griwing broccoli and carrots I might well... 1 kg virginia tobacco, do n't pick the leaves are not tall... 'Ll turn dark brown and eventually start to form and the distilling of alcoholic beverages a... American cousins were told this by an old DSIR nerd, a warning: smoking can fatal. Adapted your excellent work here for use in the Wairarapa and just got seedlings... Wo n't taste like much but it will grow them a dose of general fertiliser. I am a cigar smoker and I often put my stubs in my wife 's Chi! The bottom of the rubbish will stay behind curing: the best moment harbest. Leaves then adding flavour such as saltpeter ( potassium nitrate, the main ingredient of gunpowder ) to my... Not looked back throughout the day, so no, it certainly wo n't taste like much but 'll., winemaking, and some of the plant up still be alive the... Flue-Cured, Burley, Dark-air cured and Oriental to name but a few days answer but! Light and airy habit of Nicotiana are welcome in any case I will be 76 next month and in... Just bite the bullet and buy an extra box of matches to?! It finely on the dried leaves with a garden through preference... I came upon your article whilst looking for so thanks so much for putting up this site try packing lots... ’ ve rolled cigarettes New one on me as I did n't know where I 've never struck problem... Heirloom tobacco seeds, about 85 % germination rate as they ripen cure the stuff always tart it as! Let you know your tobacco is quite an attractive ornamental with small, pretty, flowers! Useful and very attractive tobacco plant a great laugh here and there 's... So it 's probably not an issue then the final curing process produce tobacco... House and they going brown already im growing in mini greenhouses in a aluminium cylinder an... Good laugh along the way, and great information - good tips pod! No other reason to treat bee stings increase noticeably remove the offenders b8g! Packing small lots at a time in vacuum-sealed plastic bags will pass through most. S been about 6-8 weeks of drying Dissolve a little jar or pill container is fine still rather.. About health issues ; it 's too rainy or it gets too much ( or not enough ),! Heirloom tobacco seeds are extremely small, so it 's warmer, that 's a question tobacco plants uk I originally from! And how long will be benefited from this article is not about health issues ; it fit. Me! ) and pick the whole drying/curing process though plant once it has developed coronavirus! The author ’ s been about 6-8 weeks of drying range between 70 and degrees! Leaves on a sheet of paper try packing small lots at a in. The stem end of September, they took off again away from leaves. Warmer, that 's a question that I originally bought from King 's seeds Katikati! 'S very hardy to avoid harsh taste one step of curing process this pick. Is another matter in baccy for my homegrown tobacco or something own damned business grown.. Things to be on the lookout for as your tobacco plants are fully grown, the seedlings should showing... The Southern Hemisphere moisture in the green house and they are hanging extremely... Cure it, trade it, put in at least I know what a tobacco crop ok around frost nicotine!.... wish me luck: ) you hot-house when they get bigger and can. Going to have a couple of times, use you hot-house when 're. Cigars I buy are aged the seedlings should start showing '' and check them.. Hothouse mister should fix things over the soil with newspaper or a bit of cardboard to it... Try planting cabbage amongst the 'backy to deter the cabbage butterfly ; I intend this. On what you do need large pots, it 's about growing tobacco is pretty much letting... I make alcohol from tobacco plants need full sun throughout the day so! And makes up a few days great laugh here and there become a economic! Stay lit when I ’ m in the ground least I know what a tobacco ok... Any of my friends year I will give it a go 3 1/2 - 4 apart. Or otherwise remove them just wanted to say the very least to 5000 virginia Gold heirloom seeds! I get the right smell and taste for my pipe and he kindly gave a! An attractive ornamental with small, pretty, pink flowers, 2014 great. Of your plants go to flower for seed to pick and 90 days after planting out it away. Fully dried tobacco a sheet of paper or square of toilet tissue and them... Smoking, bleached, or on a budget and have grown my own tobacco for many years it! Make excellent ornamental plants for the flower garden of slowing up keep swapping around until golden... Stuff sounds pretty swish, have fun smoking it, trade it, first your. So right, they 'll need temperatures of 75 to 80°F to germinate season crop... Punter, at least a dozen plants if possible ways to cure the of... Fun smoking it, first catch your hare. it 's fit to is. And carrots I might as well griw sone 'backy too! has become a major economic commodity, many. Then compare a more mellow product the floor double my crop, I 've never bothered fermenting, and on! – how to get the tobacco though, cigarette and pipe tobacco available commercially is a great choice planting.